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Crane Rental Company

Cranes have a tendency to be one of the most useful - and possibly most dangerous - pieces of heavy construction equipment that an individual could use. To ensure both your safety and your satisfaction with your completed construction job, a quality crane rental company should assess the needs of your job and the strengths and weaknesses of each crane in their arsenal. That company is Hunter Heavy Equipment, a leader in crane rentals and other heavy equipment rentals for over 40 years. We at Hunter Heavy Equipment have provided heavy equipment rentals to clients across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Kansas, and we are confident that we can meet all of your needs as a crane rental company.

Our cranes are available in two models: hydraulic truck cranes and rough terrain cranes. Additionally, our hydraulic cranes are offered as bare and operated boomtrucks ranging from 18- to 40-ton lifting capacities and as rough terrain cranes with lifting capacities ranging from 8 to 100 tons. Rough terrain crane rentals are a necessity if your construction project will be off paved surfaces, as they have the proper tires and balancing apparatuses to protect users when operating on uneven terrain. The proper crane will also help your project to proceed more quickly and look more polished upon completion. We are also proud to say that we are not just a crane rental company, as we have a wide selection of other heavy construction equipment available for rental.

Crane safety is paramount with any heavy construction job, so the value of a qualified and knowledgeable staff that can assist in assessing your exact crane needs cannot be understated. Don't put your safety or your project in danger with the wrong crane rental. Trust the name in crane rentals that countless satisfied clients have chosen time and again. Choose Hunter Heavy Equipment as your crane rental company today!


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