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Dozer Rentals Bulldozer Rental Company

Bulldozers are easily some of the most-requested heavy equipment rentals we carry at Hunter Heavy Equipment, and we are proud to carry one of the largest selections of bulldozers of any heavy construction equipment rental company in the area. If your construction project has you looking for dozer rentals, we are the bulldozer rental company of choice. As a premier dozer rental company, you can be sure that we have a dozer to fit your needs, regardless of the size or type of your project. Our staff has provided bulldozer rentals to Louisiana, Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma for 40 years, allowing us to build a level of knowledge unmatched by most other heavy equipment rental companies.

The dozer rentals provided by Hunter Heavy Equipment are rated from 70 horsepower up to 200 horsepower, guaranteeing that we have a bulldozer to meet your power requirements. These dozers also vary in size and in fuel usage, prescribing some dozers to be more advantageous when working in small spaces or with restricted fuel usage. Some of our dozers are also equipped with PAT - power-angle-tilt - blade, which allows the dozer operator to adjust the blade from the operator's cab, thus providing a greater deal of maneuverability and function when completing your project.

Especially if you only need a bulldozer for one or two jobs, dozer rentals make fiscal sense when compared to the purchase of a bulldozer. A quality dozer rental company can help you assess your needs and pick the right dozer for your construction project, and we are confident that our staff can help you select the right dozer for your needs. Caterpillar is one of our most trusted suppliers for dozer rentals due to their varying options and reliability. With this variety, you are sure to be pleased with Hunter Heavy Equipment as your dozer rental company.


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