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Forklift Rental Company

When you are in need of a forklift for your next job, Hunter Heavy Equipment is your forklift rental company. At Hunter Heavy Equipment, we understand what factors need to be addressed when searching for forklift rentals. The first factor when choosing a forklift for your construction project is determining the weight of the material you will be lifting, and then finding a forklift that is rated for that weight. At Hunter Heavy Equipment, we offer a large selection of forklifts of varying strengths and horsepower, starting with a pneumatic forklift rated for 5,000 pounds, through a forklift rated for 20,000 pounds of lifting capacity.

Another factor to consider when selecting a forklift for your project is the terrain on which this forklift will be driven. A reputable, dependable forklift rental company will be able to provide you with forklifts designed for both smooth and rough terrain. Using a forklift on the incorrect terrain - for example, using a forklift made for smooth terrain on rough terrain - can result in equipment failure, personal injury or even death. We are proud to say that we provide our customers with forklifts suited for both types of terrain to ensure safety and reliability during use, and verify our customers' needs when recommending a forklift.

Finally, when choosing the right forklift rental company, it's imperative to research the options offered on each of the forklift rentals. One of the most popular options offered on our forklifts at Hunter Heavy Equipment is an extendable boom found on our forklifts rated for 6,000 lbs. and heavier. These extendable booms range from 35' to 55', offering additional maneuverability in your work. Don't rely on just any equipment rental company to provide you with your forklift rental. Choose the company that has been chosen for over 40 years by residents across Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Choose Hunter Heavy Equipment!


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