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Heavy Equipment Rental Companies

Heavy equipment rental companies are the first places most homeowners, subcontractors and contractors turn when in need of heavy equipment for their construction projects. If this is you, and you're looking for heavy equipment rentals from a reputable company with a name in the business, look no further than Hunter Heavy Equipment. We at Hunter Heavy Equipment have served Gulf Coast residents, as well as clients across Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, for over 40 years. During this time, we have built a reputation envied by our competitors and have developed a superior experience level when assisting with choosing your heavy equipment rental.

Many customers opt for some of our more versatile rental offerings, such as our excavators, forklifts and cranes. Excavators are an excellent choice for digging and moving large amounts of earth or other substrate. Lifting capacities and volumes for the excavators carried at Hunter Heavy Equipment range from 28,000 lbs. at 0.75 cubic yards of volume to 100,000 lbs. at 3.75 cubic yards of volume. Our forklifts are also available in a variety of lifting capacities - 5,000 to 20,000 lbs. - and a variety of options: some forklifts are equipped with extendable booms for additional functionality, and we offer both smooth-terrain and rough-terrain forklifts. Additionally, our cranes are also available in hydraulic truck and rough-terrain models. Rough terrain cranes generally have smaller lifting capacities than hydraulic truck cranes, but are equipped for construction jobs on rough or uneven terrain. If your construction project is on a smooth surface, our hydraulic truck cranes can assist with lifting from 18 to 800 tons. Enjoy one of the largest selections of all heavy equipment rental companies!

Don't leave your heavy equipment rentals to chance, and beware with here-today, gone-tomorrow heavy equipment rental companies. Choose one of the most depended-upon names in the heavy equipment rental industry. Choose Hunter Heavy Equipment for all of your heavy equipment rentals!


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