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Tulsa Heavy Construction Equipment Rentals

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Tulsa Heavy Construction Equipment Rentals

If one needs a testament to the importance of construction and construction equipment in Tulsa, OK, one only needs to look as far as the Golden Driller statue that overlooks the city. When residents are searching for Tulsa heavy construction equipment rentals for their residential and commercial construction needs, they turn to Hunter Heavy Equipment time and again. For more than 40 years, Hunter Heavy Equipment has supplied Tulsa heavy construction equipment rentals, such as cranes, backhoes, bulldozers and motor graders. We have a satisfied client base that spans across Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and Louisiana. Our reputation more than speaks for itself, so you can trust that Hunter Heavy Equipment can supply all of your Tulsa heavy equipment rentals.

At Hunter Heavy Equipment, we are honored to provide our customers with the best heavy construction equipment rentals in Tulsa OK. We provide both hydraulic truck cranes and rough terrain cranes. Our selection of hydraulic truck cranes are among the widest of all heavy construction rentals in Tulsa OK, ranging from an 18 ton boomtruck that is bare and operated to an 800 ton truck crane with operator. Prices on these truck cranes vary from portal to portal, and the truck cranes are also certified for 4'x4' manbaskets. Regardless of your requirements for your Tulsa heavy construction equipment rentals, we have the tool to meet your needs.

Picking a provider for Tulsa heavy construction rentals should never be a guessing game; it is imperative to choose a provider of heavy equipment rentals in Tulsa OK that understands your unique, individual needs and can suggest the best tool or tools for your project. Whether you are looking for construction rentals in Tulsa OK for a small or large project, choose Hunter Heavy equipment for YOUR Tulsa heavy construction equipment rentals!


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